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Check out our slide show at the bottom of the page!!

Beaches of Costa RicaEnjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, friendly welcoming culture...come and experience the Pura Vida.

Our staff lives, works and plays in Costa Rica everyday. We know the country!! With our knowledge of Costa Rica and Central America; when you call us and tell us about yourselves and what you like or what you want to experience in Costa Rica ~ we are able to put together a travel/tour package that will include the hotels, tours and transfers or rental car that will meet or exceed your requirements and expectations.

Located in San Jose with agreements and close working relationships with all the hotels and lodges in Costa Rica, we are able to offer you BETTER PRICES AND SERVICE than other companies locatedTravel to Costa Rica inside or outside of Costa Rica. You will find our English speaking staff to be outstandingly helpfuland knowledgeable about Costa Rica. We offer many packages for all budgetsthat may include whatyou are looking for; however, we will be happy to customize any package or tour to meet your expectations and requirements.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO INVEST IN COSTA RICA....No better time than the present! Exceptional values! Foreigners enjoy all of the property rights as Costa Ricans, no limitations.

We provide a professional view of Costa Rica. This tour is customized to your specific interests and is not with a group of folks coming to Costa Rica and riding around in a tour van with a fixed agenda. You get 100% of our time. This will help you understand that Costa Rica is not perfect, it is different. Can you deal with some culture shock? Our agent will help to minimize it and maximize your chances of truly enjoying Costa Rica and the Latin culture.

You should review the current Residency laws and categories before deciding to relocate.

There are plenty of good lawyers, developers and real estate agents. The problem in Costa Rica is telling them from the vipers of which there are many. Our local agent is a naturalized citizen with 16 yrs. of experience and he is registered with the only recognized Chamber of RE brokers in the country. With this experience and reputation, you can be assured your decisions are being protected. Probably the most under-asked question yet perhaps the most important is, "Is the real estate rep or agent here in this country legally?" Many are not.

Our policy is to work for you as your personal, exclusive Buyer Agent. This means that your realtor is involved in the business of assisting qualified buyers in locating and purchasing properties in Costa Rica, including but not limited to; finding properties, communicating with lawyers, municipalities, local banks, home inspectors and land surveyors, recommending resource materials and exercising due diligence and sound judgment for the benefit of the Buyer.

Costa Rica is an incredible country but it is not for everyone. Whether you are only vacationing or staying long term, in order to enjoy and maximize your experience, you will need 1. a sense of humor 2. a sense of adventure 3. a lot of patience. Contact us for more information.

Enjoy the Slide Show of images below...IMPERIAL CERVEZA and Costa Rica!  Spend any time in the land of Pura Vida, and you will surely be back soon.  We will also be able to provide you with your nearest IMPERIAL CERVEZA retailer when you come home! LA CERVEZA DE COSTA RICA!

Adventures in Costa Rica
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